Implant Implementation

A Non-Addictive Medication Implant

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program includes a non-addictive, implant formulated with the FDA-approved medication, naltrexone. These specifically formulated, completely biodegradable pellets are typically inserted just beneath the skin in the lower abdominal area.

A slow and steady release of medication

The implant allows for naltrexone to release itself into the bloodstream in a sustained dosing pattern over time and lasts, depending on individual metabolism rates, for several months.

This allows the patient to reset their behavioral patterns and address behavioral issues without a constant clamoring from their body to use opioids or alcohol, thus dramatically increasing the overall likelihood of success.

A Quick and Comfortable Procedure

Most patients report little to no physical discomfort during the implant implementation procedure. The procedure is very quick, requiring only a local anesthetic to numb the area. It typically requires less than 30 minutes to perform the minimally invasive procedure.

Implanting Powerful Results

Even though the procedure itself takes only a few minutes, it can be truly life changing for the patient. Many patients report feeling completely free of cravings within hours, some for very first time in years or even decades.

Back to Life on the Same Day

Many patients return to work or school the very next day after their implant procedure. Patients will then typically require 5 to 6 weeks of follow-up wellness checks or incision inspections/suture removal. Some patients, however, may require longer-term medical care as each case is different.

Minimum Requirements from your Facility

Once you decide to incorporate our BioCorRx® Recovery Program into your treatment regimen, you'll need to facilitate the following:

  • Patient intake
  • Patient screening for medical clearance, dual diagnosis, patient appropriateness (patient must be detoxed prior to receiving the implant)
  • Patient history/physical, required labs and testing, and writing a prescription for the Naltrexone and other medications
  • Patient care plan
  • Medical intervention (implant procedure)
  • Follow-up care/wellness checks throughout completion of the program to monitor the incision site, and other symptoms that may present
  • Financial counseling and insurance billing: patient payment, financing and insurance claims/appeals (this procedure is NOT in most insurance carrier formularies, and typically requires medical necessity supporting documentation. Therefore, insurance reimbursement is not guaranteed)

Support is More Than a Catchphrase

We do much of the heavy lifting for you. From locating, screening, and certifying fully trained and licensed recovery counselors to providing access to the naltrexone implants. We provide the help you need to get the job done right complete with best practice written and video protocols, customizable patient forms, and other educational materials in our virtual back office.

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