Support When it Matters Most

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program is a one of a kind comprehensive outpatient, non-addictive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for alcohol and opioid addictions.

A Unique Opportunity for Addiction Treatment Centers

Our program consists of two main components:

  1. Medical intervention (known as advanced medication administration) in the form of a minor procedure to implant naltrexone pellets (typically one or two)
  2. Psychosocial intervention in the form of one-on-one, structured behavioral counseling followed by peer-support

What we Bring to the Table

Our supportive matrix offers not only positive outcomes for patients, but a whole new area of expansion and practice building for the physicians and treatment centers that partner with us. We provide the expert guidance, consultation support, access to the naltrexone implant, screening and certification of counselors, a full support and tracking program, and best practice protocols for every segment of treatment. Our virtual back office contains written protocols, video tutorials and education, along with customizable patient forms that are being used by other practices.

We facilitate access to the naltrexone implant and the psychosocial components of the program including:

  • Locating/screening/certifying licensed recovery counselors if needed
  • Pairing counselors to your practice
  • Transition protocol to peer support aftercare program
  • Access and processing orders for the implant from the pharmacy that produces the proprietary naltrexone pellets for your patients

A Simple Procedure that (Im)Plants Seeds of Hope

Specifically formulated and biodegradable, the naltrexone pellets are typically inserted just beneath the skin in the lower abdominal area. On average, the implant procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

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Interested in Partnering With Us?

Contact us to learn more about incorporating our BioCorRx® Recovery Program in your treatment facility.

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