Addiction Is A Disease

BioCorRx® is a healthcare solutions company focused on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol, opioid and other addictive disorders. Our Beat Addiction Recovery Program is a substance use disorder recovery program that can include BioCorRx's proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modules along with peer recovery support. The UnCraveRx® Weight Loss Program is a medication assisted weight loss program that includes access to concierge on-demand wellness specialists: nutritionists, fitness experts and personal support from behavioral experts. BioCorRx® Pharmaceuticals Inc is a clinical stage drug development subsidiary developing treatments for opioid/alcohol use disorders as well as other related disorders.

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Beat Addiction Recovery

Our recovery program is an outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program for alcohol and opioid drug addiction.

Addiction Treatment Has Evolved

UnCraveRx Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program is a medically assisted program with virtual health and wellbeing emphasizing personalized human and digital support.

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Partnership Opportunities

Our treatment center partners help deliver our program in a timely, warm and compassionate way to give patients peace of mind.

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The Leaders Behind BioCorRx

BioCorRx® was founded on the basis of wanting to help break the cycle of addiction. We are dedicated to the holistic approach of our Recovery Program.

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