Medication-Assisted Treatment: Uncommon Sense & Success

The BioCorRx® Recovery Program is a non-addictive, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program used to treat both alcohol and opioid addictions. Our revolutionary program combines a proprietary compounded naltrexone implant with a structured, proprietary counseling program. Naltrexone is proven to reduce cravings for alcohol and some drugs. For those seeking help with addiction, please visit to learn more details about the program and how to find a provider near you.

What Makes Us Different?

Our program stands out because it addresses five critical components for addiction treatment:

  • Medication plus tailored support
  • Lower patient drop-out rates due to reduced cravings
  • Higher compliance rates because medication delivered automatically
  • Discreet outpatient treatment
  • Little to no disruption of daily life

A Simple Procedure that (Im)Plants Seeds of Hope

Specifically formulated and biodegradable, the Naltrexone pellets are typically inserted just beneath the skin in the lower abdominal area. On average, the implant procedure takes less than 30 minutes.

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Support is More Than a Catchphrase

We do much of the heavy lifting for you. From locating, screening, and certifying fully trained and licensed recovery counselors, to providing access to the naltrexone implants. We provide the help you need to get the job done right complete with best practice written and video protocols, customizable patient forms, and other educational materials in our virtual back office.

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Interested in Partnering With Us?

Contact us to learn more about incorporating our BioCorRx® Recovery Program in your treatment facility.

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