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BioCorRx® is a leading-edge healthcare solutions company focused on improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol,  opioid, and other addictive disorders. Designed to address alcoholism and certain opioid addictions, the Beat Addiction Recovery Program is used by  independent treatment centers or physicians in the United States. The program consists of BioCorRx’s proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program and peer recovery support mobile application and may include the use of certain medications typically used for the treatment of substance use disorder (SUD). Which medication used, if any, is at the sole discretion of the treating physician in consultation with their patient. The most common medication used in the program is naltrexone in various forms (oral, injectable, implantable pellet).

What Makes the Beat Addiction Recovery Program Different?

If the treating physician determines to utilize a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program a multi-pronged approach can assist in addressing the underlying physical and behavioral issues of alcohol and opioid addiction.

Our proprietary, modular CBT program can be tailored to help those suffering from substance use disorders, and is designed to help prepare them for a life without their desired substance.

This multi-tiered approach may result in lower patient drop-out possibly due to reduced cravings if the treating physician uses an anti-craving medication. The program can be done very discreetly on an outpatient basis with virtually no major disruptions from daily life. 

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The Cost of Addiction

Addiction is a powerful disorder that affects over 23 million people in the U.S. alone1. Addiction costs an estimated $700 billion each year2.

Addiction in America3

  • Over 85% of people with alcohol abuse or dependence go untreated
  • Over 2 million people in the U.S. abuse prescription pain relievers
  • An estimated 900,000 people use Heroin (an illegal opiate)

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Our Leadership Believes in Healing Lives

BioCorRx® was founded to help people rebuild their lives by overcoming addiction. We belieive that with the right support, people can lead productive, fulfilling lives. Our leadership is comprised of doctors, forward thinking experts, as well as some who have experienced the vicious cycle of addiction firsthand. We are committed to transforming lives, making the world a better place for us all.

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