Market Opportunity

Addressing Unmet Challenges in Addiction Treatment

We have created the Beat Addiction Recovery Program to address some of the biggest, previously unmet challenges related to addiction treatment: the low rates of long-term sobriety. One study, for example, found that only 46% of addicts who attended a residential treatment program managed to stay in recovery (only about 40% of that number managed to stay completely clean and sober).

An elegantly simple solution to reduce cravings

In the past, treatment has been focused on the emotional needs and behaviors associated with addiction while ignoring or underutilizing pharmacological solutions that go to the heart of addiction: the intense craving to use.

A real illness requires real medication

It is much like telling a diabetic, who should be prescribed insulin depending on their individual situation, to rely solely on nutrition and exercise without giving them the medications they may need to actually treat their medical condition.

BioCorRx® is uniquely poised to gain significant market share of the $35 billion annual treatment market in the US.

Addiction by the Numbers

  • 38 million Americans are heavy drinkers, according to the CDC
  • Per the CDC, more than 12% of the population are alcohol dependent
  • 23.5 million American adults are addicted to drugs and or alcohol
  • 100 Americans die from preventable overdose every day, per the CDC
  • 770% increase in those seeking treatment for opioid addiction in the last 15 years
  • In 2010, more than 12 million people reported using pain killers non-medically
  • 85% of the people with alcohol abuse or dependence go untreated
  • Heroin is the most widely used opiate, with more than 900,000 estimated users

What We Bring to a Vast, Untapped Market

  • Innovative Approach - Combining medication with supportive behavioral management.
  • Proprietary Formula- We have the worldwide rights (except in Australia and New Zealand) to a proprietary implant (subcutaneous pellet) formulation of the FDA-approved drug, Naltrexone.
  • Other Formulas - We are currently developing other proprietary formulations with naltrexone as the main active ingredient.
  • Proprietary Therapy Program- We have developed a proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) program identifying 35 key areas specific to the treatment of patients on long term naltrexone therapy (also adapted for use with other medications or no medications) and have.
  • Peer Support Platform – We have a live peer support/coaching platform utilizing live specialists within a user friendly mobile application that holds treatment collaborators and their patients accountable.
  • $35 Billion Market in the U.S. Alone- We are uniquely poised to gain significant market share.
  • Rapid Expansion Possibilities - We intend to focus on obtaining 3rd party payor support for all or parts of the Beat Addiction Recovery Program.